Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours (15)

Jan 30, 2013 | Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours

An echo to the actual northern Mali events : I mean WAR!…between the regular malian army and tuareg uprising, who have conquered 2/3 of the malian area (who also represents the « Azawad » their ancestral territory), with the help of Aqmi and Ansar Dinne (salafists and djihadists groups), and the finally repression of the french’s ex-settler (who just intervene militarly)… As usual, civilians, and particulary tamashek, fulani & songhai’s ethnies are paying the price!
So, I want to share my love of malian music in my next radio shows!
The first part is titled « alghafyat » (who means « PEACE » in tifinagh, the tuareg’s alphabet). We will travel trough the dunes of Sahara, in Tamasheq’s territory, where the « sand-proof » electric guitars of the Men in Blue are piercing the silence of the desert…
I dedicate it to Mali, its peoples & cultures!

For further informations on Tamasheq music, please visit the following comprehensive site :

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