Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours (16)

Fév 6, 2013 | Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours

The 2nd part of my Malian Tribute.
It’s titled « Lafiya » (who means peace in Songhaï language).
A mix who begins with Tamasheq rockstars Tinariwen & Terakaft, in order to establish a link with the previous one (dedicated to Tamasheq music). This show will be more oriented on Songhaï & Fulani ethnic groups ; we will travel through Northern Mali from Niafunke to Timbuktu, at the source of the Desert Blues…This selection is also a requiem for « feu » Niafunke’s mayor & desert’s King, the Man by who I first met the West African Music, « Monsieur » Ali Farka Touré! May he Rest in Peace (if he didn’t wake up with the recent events!)! The children of his hometown Niafunke will close the set, in singing the malian national anthem…