Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours (5)

Mai 6, 2012 | Le Tour Du Monde En 45 Tours

As resonance of a sad election’s day I invite you listening to The Black President : Mr Fela « Anikulapo » Kuti! The nigerian musician was one of the greatest political artist, saying « Music is my weapon »! All along his carreer he fighted against the nigerian military junta, and paid the high price, being tortured and jailed several times…He died 15 years ago, but his music has never been so living as now! A lot of groups from all countries are now reinterprated the music he created : the Afrobeat. From his sons Femi & Seun & of course his drummer Tony Allen (the cofounder of the afrobeat) to a plethora of groups, as Antibalas, Kokolo, Fanga, The Soul Jazz Orchestra or The Afrobeat Academy, they all are paying tribute to the master & originator of that great « groovy-machine » he created! A unique mix of yoruba rhythms, highlife guitars & afro-american’s jazz & funk elements! 
Enjoy some Afrobeat!

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