Metal up your ass # Saison 2/Number 2

Jan 20, 2012 | Metal up your Ass

3 inches of blood- Night maraudeurs
Antrhax- Metal thrasing mad
Accept- Teutonic terror
Black Bomba- Pedals to the metal
Alice cooper-Posion
Blind guardian- I am alive
Bad brains- rise
Scorpoin- Big city nights
Trilogie du Jeudi:
Générique: X-files
Pantera-Death trap
Overkill-bring me the night
Gun’s and roses-paradise city
Deep show- Sad delusion
Helloween-Call sweat
Iced earth- I walk alone
Megadeath- Use the men
Steel panthere- seventies girl in the raw
Exodus- A good day to die
Manowar- warriors of the world
Danko Jones- Never too loud
Orange goblin- Red time rising