Coton_Tige 138 : Parce que tout le monde ta gueule

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Nono Futur – [futurs d’hier] La véritable histoire du christ
Hub City Stompers – [Ska Ska Black Sheep] Ska Ska Black Sheep
Anti-Social – Jesus Loves You
Lolittas – [Demo] Terrorismo Machista (Brazil)
Sad Boy Sinister – SBS
Les Fossoyeurs Septik – La Chanson De Craonne
Fast Times – Where were you
Night Nurse – [Self-Titled] Where Shadows Go (Finlande)
Hub City Stompers – [Dirty Jersey [Megalith Release] Bumbl-B
Barnyard Masturbator – [Badger Orgy Fatality] I Hate You All (UK)
Sad Boy Sinister – [Life and Death] Never Plan To Pay
Hub City Stompers – Skins don’t cry
22 Longs Riffs – [A Bout Portant] Vie De Merde
Human Alert – Bomb dixieland
The Evicted – Get Out Of My Way
No Max Land – La chasse aux sorcières
Blessed Noise – [Mentes Justas] Pensamos, Actuamos, Luchamos Y Vencemos! (Mexico)
Gen – [Qué Tramáis, Modernos] Del Caos al Cosmos (Espagne)
Louis Lingg and the Bombs – [Alphabet of a Revolution ] R.E.V.O.L.T
The Lordz – [The Brooklyn Way] The Brooklyn Way (Feat. Everlast) (USA)