Coton_Tige 150 : Artistes Inconnus

8 03 15 | Coton_Tige

Sacrilèges – Life Line [Behind the realms of madness]

Revolution action – Atari teenage riot [60 second wipe out]

Boys be ambitious – Lowfat

Как Прекрасен Этот Мир – Purgen [Бог Рабов]

Lets get drunk – Antidote [My life]

Hardtech – WolfPack [lycanthropunk]

Too late – Antidote [My life]

License, Registration And Insurance Please – Tear it up [Taking you down with me]

Drifting Apart – Contingent [Bombsquad]

Fuck hipe movment – Gameboy physical destruction [Analogic guerilla]

Goblin Humppa – The dreadnoughts [Polka’s not dead]

Révoltes – Heyoka [Etat des lieux]

Pogo – Listéria

Bonehead – Naked City [Torture Garden]

Forteresse – Calavera [A travers spleen et mascarades]