Coton_Tige 265 : Follow The Leader

13 11 18 | Coton_Tige

Playlist :

Jungle Fever – [Maja Thürüp] The Beast
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries – [Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries] Antifa Cakes (Not My Puff Pastry)
Stygmate – [Sans Couleurs Fixes] Le Roi de Menilmontant
Mantekilla Nápoles – [Incontinencia Verbal] El Regreso del Loco
Mantekilla Nápoles – [Incontinencia Verbal] Barman y Droguin
The Grim – [Nuclear World Order] Cop Killer
The Grim – [Nuclear World Order] Cop Killer Part II
Riot Krew – [Ni excuses, Ni regrets] Dérapage Politique
Subtropico Militia Heavy Sound – [DubJaguar EP] Beer
FuckShitUp ! – [The Great Art Of The Northern Underground Lopsided Laboratory, The Very First EP Of FuckShitUp !] Banksters
staple rebels – [Rebel Scum] holy shit, we’re in a cult dad
Mr Godson Will Be The Last One To Survive – [You’d Better Run] Dirty Casanova
Upper Downer – [S/T] Disarm the Police
Ossa Cave – [Inerzia] Inerzia
Vega 2000 – [Comic] Kalamity
Lawman – [On Patrol] Manslaughter
Stanley Kubi – I’m Not Dead
Owen Temple Quartet – [Rot In The Sun] The Remains
Mr Godson Will Be The Last One To Survive – [You’d Better Run] Jojo
The Jammy Dodgers – [Fish ‘N’ Chips] No Gods No Masters
Brute Minou – [Brute Minou] Fifa 2016
Légo – [Démo D’amour] Avortement
Whodunit – [Welcome To…] We Don’t Care
Sous Escorte – [UVPRV48] PeterK
Sickness – Bastard
Lower Class Brats – Americas Standard
Nagual X – [Punk’n’dub] Opera Punk Dub [feat. Gaelle Cotte]Dub Vulture – [La Puta Vida] Dub 55
The Usual Suspects – Fight Back
Burning Lady – [Carnage Family] Wasted Time
Soulfly – Bring It
The Prodigy – Ibiza [feat. Sleaford Mods]Al’Tarba & Senbeï – [Rogue Mønsters] On Hante La Ville [feat. Droogz Brigade]