016 electric song

7 06 13 | Electric Song

FINNTROLL                                                                                      blodsvept
SHINING                                                                                            i won t forget
GRAND MAGUS                                                                               sword of the ocean
IHSAHN                                                                                              the paranoid
KATANA                                                                                               wrath of the emerald witch
AMARANTHE                                                                                     hunger
THE POODLES                                                                                 seven seas
KEEP OF KALESSIN                                                                       judgement
THYRFING                                                                                        veners forfall
MESHUGGAH                                                                                  do not look down
VOLBEAT                                                                                           dead but rising
CHROME DIVISION                                                                         unholy roller
SOLSTAFIR                                                                                       aera