148 electric song

10 06 16 | Electric Song

LOS FUERTES SOBREVIVEN                                                   en tu habitacion
FANTOMAS                                                                             4 3 05
ENFORCER                                                                              mesmerized by fire
SUICIDAL ANGELS                                                                 terror is my scream
SAHG                                                                                    then wakens the beast
FEN                                                                                      a warning solace
HATEBREED                                                                         immortal ennemies
FEAR FACTORY                                                                     battle for utopia
POISONBLACK                                                                     blackholehead
HATEBREED                                                                         as diehard as they come
COAL CHAMBER                                                                 worst enemy
HED PE                                                                              children of the fail
DISTURBED                                                                        the animal