198 electric song

11 05 18 | Electric Song

ACQUAINTANCES                                           learn to let it go
MARIONETTE ID                                               last eclipse
NIGHTSHADE                                                   ruins
BELLINI                                                             the buffalo song

AFRICANTAPEGROUP                                    old negro work song
CENTIPEDES                                                    breath
MARIONETTE ID                                              parallel monologue
DEATH FROM ABOVE                                    dead womb
FROM ASHES RISE                                        they
HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE                      the bastard sapling
HOT WATER MUSIC                                      remedy                                                          
MILEMARKER                                                shrink to fit
NEW WET KOJAK                                          sticky 2 me
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT                         out of control

LARD                                                               ballad of marshall ledbetter