199 electric song

25 05 18 | Electric Song

TERRIBLE TRUTHS                                                heat then fire
50 FOOT WAVE                                                     long painting
ARAB ON RADAR                                                 1
AT THE DRIVE IN                                                  one armed scissor
BITCH MAGNET                                                   mesentry
BLUETIP                                                                hot fast union
BURNING AIRLINES                                           carnival
DON CABALLERO                                               room temperature lounge
FROM SAFETY TO WHERE                                bender
LUSTRE KING                                                     gigolo swing
NINE DAYS WONDER                                       reminder
PANTHERS                                                        don t be a dick
REARVIEW MIRROR                                         in the beginning
REPLICATOR                                                     epoch
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT                            i m not invisible
SEVEN CHANNELS                                         breathe
SHAKUHACHI SURPRISE                               oresama big j 
TEEN                                                                 electric