GROOVEMAKERS 112 hey world! let love in!

17 08 13 | Groovemakers

IRENE REID – hey world, let love in
FONTELLA BASS – it’s hard to get back in
THELMA HOUSTON – cheap lovin’
ANN PEEBLES – somebody’s on your case
HELENE SMITH – you got to be a man
ROGER KELLAWAY swing down chariot
CANDY STATON – get it when i want it
E. RODNEY JONES – peace of mind
JOHNNY SAYLES – ooh baby
LAURA LEE – mama’s got a good thing going
YVONNE BAKER – my baby needs me
BETTY WRIGHT – if you think you’ve got soul
RAW SOUL EXPRESS – it’s in you
MICHAEL JAY – the electric twist – Michael Jay
BUDDY GUY – she suits me to a tee
DELLA REESE – compared to what
IKE AND TINA TURNER – make me over
BONNIE MILLER – what are you trying to do to me
DILLARD CRUME AND THE SOUL ROCHERS – let a woman be a woman let a man be a man

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