GROOVEMAKERS 125 soul mellow

16 11 13 | Groovemakers

UREL THOMAS – pain is the name of your game
ROY LEE JOHNSON – cheer up, daddy’s coming home
LITTLE WILLIE JOHN – love life and money
IRMA THOMAS – ruler of my heart
BIG DADDY RUCKER – he made you mine
BOBBY BLAND – i pity the fool
OTIS REDDING – pain in my heart
O.V. WRIGHT – motherless child
RICKY LEWIS AND THE AFRO BAND – somebody’s gonna want me
BLUES BROTHERS No 1 – letter of regret
MABLE JOHN – your good thing ( is about to end )
JIMMY BRASWELL – i can’t give you my heart
SPANKY WILSON – he called me baby
LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR – somewhere down the line
O.V. WRIGHT – a nickel and a nail
RAY CHARLES – let’s go get stoned
BIG JOHN HAMILTON – how much can a man take
CHORLEY MAE – i can ‘t go through these changes anymore
GENE FAITH – call the FBI ( my baby’s missing )

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