GROOVEMAKERS 180 hurry hurry baby

3 01 15 | Groovemakers

WYNONIE HARRIS AND HIS ALL STARS – i want my fanny brown
JOHNNY OTIS – cold turkey
NAPPY BROWN – don’t be angry
WASHBOARD SAM – back door
WILLIE MABON – poison ivy
RUDY RAY MOORE – buggy ride
ERWIN RUCKER .Done Done The Slop
KOKO TAYLOR – Wang Dang Doodle
CLIFFORD BROWN – i come from jamaica
GENE ALLISON – somebody somewhere
ARETHA FRANKLIN – who needs you
RUDY RAY MOORE – step it up and go
LEE ALLEN AND HIS BAND – hot rod special
MR TEDDY BEAR McCREA – hi fi baby
SAX KARI – chocolat fizz.
DEAN BARLOW – hi ha honey
NAPPY BROWN – skidy woe
ROY BROWN – hurry hurry baby
JUNE BATEMAN – possum belly overalls
STEVE GIBSON AND THE RED CAPS – boogie woogie on saturday night
SLIM HARPO – shake your hips
LITTLE WILLIE JOHN – leave my kitten alone

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