GROOVEMAKERS 182 brother where are you

17 01 15 | Groovemakers

AL WILSON – brother, where are you
JEANIE REYNOLDS – people make the world go round
BROTHER OF SOUL – i guess that don’t make me a loser
AL GREEN – old time lovin
BILLY PRESTON – i don’t want to pretend
MARGIE JOSEPH – your sweet lovin
TOMMIE YOUNG – do you still feel the same way ?
DON BRYANT – the call of distress
IRMA THOMAS – in between tears
BOBBIE HOUSTON – i want to make it with
THE WINSTONS – colour him father
TONY OWENS – do what you wanna do (
BETTY SWANN – don’t take my mind
JOHNNNY TAYLOR – rome wasnt built in a day
L..J. REYNOLDS AND CHOCOLATE SYRUP – whats the matter baby
ETTA JAMES – only time will tell
JOHN KASANDRA – preacher man
WILLIE HUTCH. – a love thatt’s worth havin
ARETHA FRANKLIN – it was you

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