GROOVEMAKERS 234 soul 65

30 01 16 | Groovemakers

SAM COOKE – somebody have mercy
JAMES BARNETT – keep on talking
BOBBY WOMACK – find me somebody
WEE WILLIE WALKER – i ain’t gonna cheat on you no more
JOE HAYWOOD – let’s make it
SOLOMON BURKE – down in the valley
SAM TAYLOR JR – i heard it through the grapevine
LEE ROGERS – cracked up over you
SHERRI TAYLOR – oh lover SinginSammy Ward
CHUCK JACKSON – big new York
ROOSEVELT GRIER – c’mon cupid
THE FOUR SONICS – it takes two
SAM HUTCHINS – big d breakdown
THE SHOWMEN – action
KIP ANDERSON – watch you work it out
ARTHUR CONLEY – i can’t stop (no, no, no)
JAMES ROYAL – house of jack
JACKIE SHANE – in my tenement
BOB AND EARL – harlem shuffle ( early version )
BIG FRANK AND THE ESSENCES – won’t let her see me cry
WILLIE PARKER – you got your finger in my eye
NICK ASHFORD – I don´t need no doctor

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